The President will work collaboratively with the Board of Directors and management company staff in leading the transformation of the WOCN Society from its current stage to a more mature organization capable of delivering on its long-term vision. Specifically, s/he will ensure that the WOCN Society’s fiscal, operational, fundraising, marketing, human resource, technology, and programmatic strategies are effectively implemented across all segments of the organization.


The President-Elect will assume the position of the President at the completion of the President’s two-year term, at which time the President becomes the Immediate Past President for a one-year term.



  • Odd-numbered years (ex. 2021, 2023, 2025…)



  • Two-year term (maximum: one term)


Qualifications (President-Elect/President)

  • Member in good standing for at least two years prior to the time of election.
  • Must have 5 years of documented Board level involvement in healthcare non-profit arena and a minimum of 5 years WOC nursing experience.
  • Current or prior Board or standing committee chair position in a professional society either on a national, regional or affiliate level is required.
  • Prior nonprofit organization experience ideal.
  • Board development, fundraising, marketing/branding, and fiscal management experience preferred.
  • A financially and politically knowledgeable leader with the ability to set clear priorities, delegate, and guide investment in people and systems; analytical, organizational, and problem-solving skills, which support and enable sound decision making.
  • Strong coalition building skills with an ability to communicate and work effectively with a variety of internal and external stakeholders; a persuasive negotiator able to achieve consensus amongst differing opinions.
  • An articulate communicator via all mediums. Outstanding presentation and communication skills with the experience to be an outgoing spokesperson, and relationship builder.
  • Experience in recruiting and retaining a diverse team.
  • Comply with the Code of Conduct and Conflict of Interest Policy.
  • To ensure that all participants in the activities of the WOCN Society are governed exclusively by the best interests of the WOCN Society, members of the Board of Directors cannot be employed by a commercial industry that provides products or services to the WOCN Society. Additionally, employees of a WOC Nursing Education Program (WOCNEP) or any component of a WOCNEP (e.g., Program Director, Assistant Program Director, or any employee who works in such a capacity that their job oversees or directs the business and/or strategic direction of the program) are not eligible to serve on the WOCN Board of Directors.


Responsibilities (President-Elect)

  • Assist the President and substitute for the President when required to; chair meetings in the absence of the President.
  • The President-Elect should be fully cognizant of the responsibilities of the President. By being fully informed of the activities in all areas of the WOCN Society and WOCN Foundation, the President-Elect will be prepared to assist the President in any way and to assume the responsibilities of the office of President should the need arise.
  • Serve as an ex-officio member, without vote, of all committees, except the Leadership Development Committee or as otherwise provided by the Bylaws.
  • Perform all duties customarily incident to the office of President-Elect and such other duties as may be prescribed from time to time by the Board of Directors.
  • Succeed to the office of President upon expiration of the President’s term of office, and in the event of the death, resignation, removal, or incapacity of the President.
  • Serve as liaison from the Board of Directors to the Accreditation Committee, WOCNEP Program Directors and WOCNCB.


Strengthening Infrastructure and Operations (President-Elect/President)

  • Promote the delivery of high-quality services while managing for current and future growth.
  • Support and motivate the organization’s Board, volunteers, and staff
  • President presides at all meetings of the WOCN Society and WOCN Foundation (e.g., Board of Directors, WOCNext conference, Annual Member’s Business Meeting, Strategic Planning Session).
  • Work with the chief staff executive to ensure efficient and effective operations of the National Office and the WOCN Society.
  • Appoint chairs of WOCN committees and task forces, subject to approval of the Board of Directors.
  • Serve as ex-officio member, with a right to vote, on all WOCN committees except the Leadership Development Committee.
  • Ensure that the flow of funds permits the WOCN Society to make continuous progress towards the achievement of its mission and that those funds are allocated properly to reflect present needs and future potential.


Strategic Vision and Leadership (President)

  • Collaborate with the Board of Directors to develop, refine, and implement the strategic plan while ensuring that the budget, staff, and priorities are aligned with the WOCN Society’s mission.
  • Provide inspirational leadership and direction to all Board, volunteers, and staff, to ensure the continued development and management of a professional and efficient organization
  • Establish effective decision-making processes that will enable the WOCN Society to achieve its long- and short-term goals and objectives.
  • Cultivate a strong and transparent working relationship with the Board and ensure open communication about the measurement of financial, programmatic, and impact performance against stated milestones and goals.
  • In partnership with the Board, help build a diverse and inclusive Board representative of the WOCN Society membership that is highly engaged and willing to leverage and secure resources.
  • Provide visionary leadership as an innovative change agent that sees the big picture and thinks strategically.
  • Approach problem solving with creativity, imagination, insight, and boldness.
  • Present challenges in ways that call forth the best in people to bring them together around a shared sense of purpose.
  • Work with the power of intentionality and alignment with a higher purpose.


Please Note: There may be other candidates running for each position. We are ethically bound to keep the slate of candidates confidential until approved by the Board and the election is open.