WOCNext is an experiential event featuring online education, networking, and activities geared towards WOC nurses and other healthcare professionals dedicated to providing expert care to patients with wound, ostomy, and incontinence needs.

The educational content at WOCNext revolves around the dissemination of the latest research and evidence-based knowledge of innovative techniques, applications, technologies, and treatments related to wound, ostomy, and continence care issues to positively impact patient outcomes. We’re dedicated to generating awareness of issues influencing patients, families, and care providers across the healthcare continuum. Attendees return to WOCNext each year for diverse knowledge and insights into how to best identify, care for, and overcome some of the most challenging issues facing their patient populations.

WOCNext 2021: A Virtual WOW Experience with the WOCN® Society and Relias will serve as the annual education event for both the Wound, Ostomy, and Continence Nurses SocietyTM (WOCN®) and Relias and will join WOCNext and Wild on Wounds event attendees together for one BIG event!



A Joint WOW Experience

This joint event will celebrate the collaborative partnership between WOCN and Relias, and will be centered around empowering wound, ostomy, and continence (WOC) nurses and other healthcare providers to advance the practice and delivery of expert healthcare to individuals with wound, ostomy, and continence care needs.

Should I Attend WOCNext 2021?

The sessions and education are designed for all levels of wound, ostomy, and continence nurses, multi-discipline clinicians, and healthcare providers. Any healthcare professional focused on improving outcomes for individuals with wound, ostomy, and continence care needs will find value in this event.

What can I expect from the event?


WOCNext 2021 will unite healthcare professionals from around the world to offer an exciting online experience featuring education, networking, and activities for wound, ostomy, and continence (WOC) care professionals.


If you have attended a WOCNext or Wild on Wounds (WOW) event in the past, you have experienced the excitement and energy of being uplifted by your peers and you have been inspired by the power of education and the moving speakers.


This year, through the collaboration of WOCN and Relias, WOCNext 2021 promises to deliver all of that and more. More types of education. More ways to learn. More people to network with. More opportunities to achieve better outcomes for your patients.

More reasons to attend this year

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Relevant education on Wellness, Symptom Science, Quality, and Clinical Care Innovations.

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Engaging content in various formats that fit your core interests and favorite learning style.

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Flexible scheduling so you can get all conference benefits at times that fit your life.

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All-star speakers of WOC nurse experts, physicians, surgeons, educators, and consultants.

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Product developments and innovations that can help you perform your job more effectively.

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Inclusive networking events and opportunities for attendees and exhibitors all over the globe.

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Fun & energizing conference that will reinvigorate your passion for WOC care and outcomes.

Past WOCNext Events

Obtain past Contact Hours (for those who attended past events in person only)

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View Abstracts from past events: 2020 • 2019 • 2018 • 2017 • 2016 • 2015

Past Event Dates

WOCNext 2020 Reimagined
June 5-7, 2020

WOCNext 2019

June 23-26, 2019 – Nashville, TN

50th Annual Conference (WOCN)

June 3-6, 2018 – Philadelphia, PA

49th Annual Conference (WOCN)

May 19-23, 2017 – Salt Lake City, UT

2016 WOCN Society & CAET Joint Conference

June 4-8, 2016 – Montréal, Québec, Canada

47th Annual Conference (WOCN)

June 6-10, 2015 – San Antonio, TX

46th Annual Conference (WOCN)

June 21-25, 2014 –  Nashville, TN

45th Annual Conference (WOCN)

June 22-26, 2013 – Seattle, WA

44th Annual Conference (WOCN)

June 9-13, 2012 – Charlotte, NC

43rd Annual Conference (WOCN)

June 4-8, 2011 – New Orleans, LA

2010 WOCN/WCET Joint Conference

June 12-16, 2010 – Phoenix, AZ

41st Annual Conference (WOCN)

June 6-10, 2009 – St. Louis, MO

40th Annual Conference (WOCN)

June 21-25, 2008 – Orlando, FL

39th Annual Conference (WOCN)

June 9-13, 2007 – Salt Lake City, UT

38th Annual Conference (WOCN)

June 24-28, 2006 – Minneapolis, MN

37th Annual Conference (WOCN)

June 11-15, 2005 – Las Vegas, NV

36th Annual Conference (WOCN)

June 5-9, 2004 – Tampa, FL

35th Annual Conference (WOCN)

June 14-18, 2003 – Cincinnati, OH

34th Annual Conference (WOCN)

June 1-5, 2002 – Las Vegas, NV

33rd Annual Conference (WOCN)

June 2-6, 2001 – Portland, OR

32nd Annual Conference (WOCN)

June 3-7, 2000 – Toronto, Ontario, Canada

31st Annual Conference (WOCN)

June 19-23, 1999 – Minneapolis, MN

30th Annual Conference (WOCN)

June 13-17, 1998 – Salt Lake City, UT

29th Annual Conference (WOCN)

June 7-11, 1997 – Nashville, TN

28th Annual Conference (WOCN)

June 15-19, 1996 – Seattle, WA

27th Annual Conference (WOCN)

May 13-17, 1995 – Denver, CO

26th Annual Conference (WOCN)

June 18-22, 1994 – Baltimore, MD

25th Annual Conference (WOCN)

July 10-14, 1993 – San Antonio, TX

24th Annual Conference (IAET)

June 20-24, 1992 – Las Vegas, NV

23rd Annual Conference (IAET)

June 22-26, 1991 – Atlanta, GA

22nd Annual Conference (IAET)

June 9-13, 1990 – Las Vegas, NV

21st Annual Conference (IAET)

June 3-7, 1989 – Washington, D.C.

20th Annual Conference (IAET)

June 25-29, 1988 – Dallas, TX

19th Annual Conference (IAET)

May 30 – June 3, 1987 – Las Vegas, NV

18th Annual Conference (IAET)

June 7-11, 1986 – Washington, D.C.

17th Annual Conference (IAET)

June 8-12, 1985 – Miami, FL

16th Annual Conference (IAET)

June 2-6, 1984 – Las Vegas, NV

15th Annual Conference (IAET)

1983 – Kansas City, KS

14th Annual Conference (IAET)

1982 – New York City, NY

13th Annual Conference (IAET)

1981 – Chicago, IL

12th Annual Conference (IAET)

May 22-24, 1980 – Washington, D.C.

11th Annual Conference (IAET)

1979 – Vancover, B.C., Canada

10th Annual Conference (IAET)

April 1978 – Atlanta, GA

9th Annual Conference (IAET)

1977 – San Diego, CA

8th Annual Conference (IAET) 

August 1976 – Pittsburgh, PA

7th Annual Conference (IAET) 

1975 – Toronto, Ontario, Canada

6th Annual Conference (IAET) 

1974 – Denver, CO

5th Annual Conference (IAET) 

1973 – Chicago, IL

4th Annual Conference (IAET) 

1972 – San Francisco, CA

3rd Annual Conference (IAET) 

1971 – Hollywood, FL

2nd Annual Conference (IAET) 

1970 –  Cleveland, OH

1st Annual Conference (IAET) 

1969 – Cleveland, OH

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