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Member Spotlight: Jeffrey Framnes, BSN, RN

Welcome to the WOCN Society Member Spotlight blog, featuring the inspiring stories behind our members. This month, we’re spotlighting Jeffrey Framnes—a new member of the WOCN Society and recipient of the WOCN Foundation Scholarship Program.

About Jeffrey Framnes
Jeffrey Framnes, BSN, RN, lives in the Greater Austin Region of Texas and has been a WOCN Society member for just a few months! He previously taught English as a second language and spent time in Taiwan where he picked up some Mandarin and put down deep roots. Today, Jeffrey holds a position in a wound care department while pursuing his certification and attending a WOC Nursing Education Program.

Joining the WOCN Society
Jeffrey joined the WOCN Society as part of the next step toward his certification. He had been attracted to the WOCNEPs accredited by the WOCN Society because of their length and thoroughness. “I just feel that this certification will give me the best scaffolding on which to build up my knowledge”, said Jeffrey. He also looks forward to education opportunities, sharing knowledge, and understanding the big picture through WOCN Society membership.

WOCN Foundation Scholarship
Jeffrey was thrilled to have joined the WOCN Society and to learn from this organization. He is also deeply honored to have been awarded a Spring 2022 WOCN Foundation Accredited Educational Scholarship Award. “I just don’t think I can stress this enough: there are so many talented and caring people in healthcare, in nursing, in this specialty, great people who are just so deserving. So, I just feel very lucky and grateful.”, said Jeffrey.

Meaningful WOC Moments
Jeffrey has experienced many meaningful moments during his career. His most poignant experiences have been a handful of positive outcomes for patients with unplanned ostomies. Jeffrey stated, “But to explain, I must go back earlier to when I was a floor nurse before we had a wound care nurse department. I had a new ostomy patient–an unplanned ostomy, high output, frequent leaks. Despite all the experiences that we had on the floor, no one had the solutions that WOC nurses would teach me a few years later.”
Jeffrey finds so much satisfaction every time a patient wakes up with an unplanned ostomy, and the patient and nurse take that journey together from shock to acceptance, to thriving with healthy self-care and support. He still thinks back on that one patient he had before, wishing he had a second chance, but it also puts the successes in greater relief.

A Little Look Into His Life
Jeffrey was born in New Orleans and grew up there and in Florida. He used to teach English as a second language and had a very long stint in Taiwan where he picked up “passable” Mandarin and put down deep roots. He is married with two teenagers and three dogs. Jeffrey’s main hobbies are outdoorsy ones like hiking and biking, and he is also a bookworm. Jeffrey said, “I buy two books for every book that I read, so I have a problem!”

Vision for the Future
In the next five to ten years, Jeffrey sees himself delivering great direct patient care but hopes most of all to be a part of organizations that make things better on a system level. As Jeffrey currently works in an inpatient setting, he is aware there are many unmet needs everywhere including the outpatient and home settings. Jeffrey’s goal is to be in an organization that reaches people across all healthcare settings from home, to inpatient, to outpatient, and back home again—no gaps, no unmet needs.

Thank You, Jeffrey
On behalf of the WOCN Society, thank you, Jeffrey, for being a valuable member of the WOCN Society and for the clinical skill, education, empathy, and trust you bring to the profession of WOC care.

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