Episode 5 Protecting Your Present and Future: Legal Issues, Being a Witness, Emr Documentation


Proper medical documentation plays a crucial role in the everyday lives of medical professionals. Errors and omissions, whether accidental or calculated, can lead to issues in care delivery and defense litigation–even when the care itself was properly rendered. In this episode of WOCTalk, we sit down with two partners from the medical malpractice defense group at White and Williams LLP: Debra Weinrich and Edward Beitz, to discuss being a witness, EMR documentation, legal issues and how medical professionals can protect themselves against medical malpractice.

Interested in learning more about this topic? View Debra and Edwards full conference session, “Protecting Your Present and Future: Legal Issues, Being a Witness, EMR Documentation” here: https://wocn.digitellinc.com/wocn/sessions/3895/view.

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