Episode 44 WOCN Society Public Policy & Advocacy: New Resources, Website Updates, COVID-19 Legislative Information, and More


On this episode of WOCTalk, we sit down with Kate Lawrence, MSN, RN, CWOCN, the Society’s Public Policy and Advocacy Coordinator, and Chris Rorick, MPH, the Society’s Director of Government Relations, who serve on the Society’s National Public Policy and Advocacy Committee. Kate and Chris provide updates on the WOCN Society’s current Public Policy and Advocacy activities, new resources and changes to the Society website, and current legislations related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

For more information on the Society’s public policy and advocacy efforts, and to contact your legislator regarding current issues, please visit our Public Policy and Advocacy page.

Episode Resources:

Click here to view the WOCN Society’s Public Policy & Advocacy Home Page.

Click here to view the WOCN Society’s Public Policy & Advocacy COVID-19 updates.

Click here to view the Regional & Affiliate Toolkit. (members only)

Click here to view more information on the Pressure Reducing Support Surfaces Prior Authorization.

Click here to send a message through the Votervoice platform.

Click here to view the Letter of Medical Necessity Template and other Tips & Templates for Contacting Your Legislators.

Click here to view the WOCN Society Advocacy and Grassroots Toolkit.

Click here to view contact information for the National Public Policy Liaisons.

Click here to view a list of other Healthcare Organizations.

Click here to view the WOCN Society Public Policy & Advocacy Health Care Agenda.

Click here to view the Deep Tissue Injury Coding Policy Reminder.

Click here to view the Public Policy & Advocacy Form. (members only)