Bonus Episode 21 The WOC Nurse: emPOWERing the Leader Within

On this special 100th episode of WOCTalk, we sit down with WOCN® President, Dea Kent, DNP, RN, NP-C, CWOCN, to discuss the topic of leadership as reviewed during a previous WOCN webinar titled, “The WOC Nurse: emPOWERing the Leader Within”.

How many times have you thought, “I am a nurse, not a leader!” Truth is, WOC nurses are indeed leaders just by virtue of our specialty practice. Leading people can be daunting, and so can finding your inner leader. Leadership is just another piece of the important role we have in facilitating care to our patients, and in the practical work of our workplaces. Listen in to become more emPOWERed in leadership, hear some unanswered questions from the previous live webinar on the same topic, and learn about additional topics relevant to leadership in the WOC nursing role.

This podcast, the webinar, and WOC Nurse Week 2022 are supported by an educational grant from Medela. The WOCN® Society does not endorse specific products and services.

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