Episode 77 WOCN Public Policy & Advocacy: COVID-19 Legislation, Filling Coverage Gaps, Hot Legislative Topics, and More

On this episode of WOCTalk, we sit down with Kate Lawrence, MSN, RN, CWOCN, the WOCN Public Policy and Advocacy Coordinator, and Chris Rorick, MPH, the WOCN Director of Government Relations, who serve on the WOCN National Public Policy and Advocacy Committee. Kate and Chris discuss updates to the COVID-19 Legislation, partnering with other organizations to fill coverage gaps, Regional and Affiliate resources, the VoterVoice Platform, and other hot topics and resources.

For more information on WOCN Public Policy and Advocacy efforts, to access documents, and to contact your legislator regarding current policy issues, visit our Public Policy and Advocacy page.

Episode Resources

Click here to view the WOCN Public Policy & Advocacy page.

Click here to view the WOCN Trending Legislative Issues

Click here to learn more about the Lymphedema Treatment Act

Click here to view the Regional & Affiliate Public Policy Toolkit. (members-only)

Click here to view the WOCN and UOAA Admission and Retention of People Living with an Ostomy in Assisted Living Residences Frequently Asked Questions document.

Click here to view the new Surgical Dressings Provider Checklist and Frequently Asked Questions documents.

Click here to view the Critical Need to Provide Ostomy Supplies Specific to Patient Need to Improve Health Outcomes whitepaper.

Click here to send a message to your legislators through the VoterVoice platform.