WOCN joined with the United Ostomy Associations of America (UOAA) to create an FAQ document for patients in response to concerns that long-term care residents were being denied access to facilities because they have an ostomy. This document is intended to answer some frequently asked questions that owners or staff of assisted living facilities may have concerning people with an ostomy who wish to reside in an assisted living facility (ALF). Daily ostomy management is a simple process of toileting, an activity of daily living. People living with an ostomy should be welcomed and treated as any person seeking potential residence. WOCN and UOAA have submitted a proposal to speak at the AHCA/NCAL 2021 Convention and Expo about this topic. WOCN/UOAA will also be speaking individually with several state chapters of these associations throughout 2021 to work on state-specific outreach plans. To view more information from UOAA, click here.