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The Latest Decision Support Tool from WOCN

Introducing the WOCN Interventions Post Cather Removal (iPCaRe) Decision Support Tool

Despite recent advances in continence management for adults, evidence guiding bladder management strategies following discontinuation of an indwelling urinary catheter in the acute care setting is particularly sparse. To address this gap and guide best-practice, the WOCN Society has developed a consensus-based algorithm for acute care settings focusing on patient assessment and the selection and use of bladder management strategies after indwelling urinary catheter removal. The Interventions Post Cather Removal (iPCaRe) clinical tool will fill the gap in evidence available for first-line and wound, ostomy and continence (WOC) specialty practice nurses and guide optimal bladder management following the removal of an indwelling urinary catheter.

Learn More About the iPCaRe Clinical Tool
To learn more about the development of this new tool, we invite you to take a look at the following continuing education courses available in the WOCN Society’s Continuing Education Center (CEC):

The Interventions Post Catheter Removal (iPCaRe) Decision Support Tool was funded through an unrestricted education grant from Bard, who has joined Becton Dickinson. The WOCN Society does not endorse or support products or services. Click here to access the guide.