Bonus Episode 3 Convex Product Choices to Improve Care


During this special bonus WOCTalk episode, we sit down with Donna Sellers, BSN, RN, CWON and Jill Hammond, BSN, RN, CWOCN of Convatec to speak about the content from the recent supported webinar, Convex Product Choices to Improve Patient Care. This session discussed the what and when of choosing convex product choices to improve patient care along with the potential risks and contraindications for using convexity. Listen in to learn more and on this topic and additional knowledge not covered during the original webinar recording.

This podcast and the webinar were supported by Convatec. The WOCN Society does not endorse specific products or services.

To view a free recording of the webinar Convex Product Choices to Improve Patient Care, visit the webcasts section of the WOCN Society’s Continuing Education Center.

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