Data suggests that more serious pressure injuries occur in the postoperative period.* WOC nurses play a pivotal role in preventing and managing these injuries, as they typically have existing relationships with surgeons and other members of the perioperative team. Moreover, WOC nurses are skilled at providing patient education and risk factor mitigation strategies.


  • Pressure Injuries
  • Lower-Extremity Wounds – Venous, Arterial, Neuropathic (Diabetic)
  • Medical Device Related Pressure Injuries
  • Medical Adhesive Related Skin Injuries
  • Mucosal Membrane Pressure Injuries
  • Moisture Associated Skin Damage (MASD)


*Engels, D., Austin, M., McNichol, L., Fencl, J., Gupta, S., & Kazi, H. (2016). Pressure Ulcers: Factors Contributing to Their Development in the OR. AORN Journal, 103(3), 271-281.



WOC nurses provide ostomy expertise along the continuum of care. The average length of stay for patients with new ostomies is only 3–5 days. WOC nurses work diligently to educate patients in this short time frame to help prevent readmission. High readmission rates for patients with high-output ileostomies are due to dehydration, fit of ostomy pouching systems and inability to secure supplies. WOC nurses can help prevent readmission based on these factors.


  • Preoperative
  • Hospital
  • Post-Discharge
  • Living With Ostomy


WOC nurses with continence expertise is an asset for CAUTI team leadership, C. difficile containment and reduction strategies, and containment garments.


CAUTI Team Leadership
WOC nurses can provide nurse-driven protocols, containment expertise, behavioral techniques, and skin care strategies to prevent incontinence associated dermatitis.
Containment Garments
WOC nurses can design rollout to both eliminate these items and decrease risk for pressure injuries while raising patient satisfaction (HCAPS) scores through staff, patient and family education.

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