WOCN members, and other advocates, have been working in several states across the country to ensure that ostomy patients who are covered by Medicaid have access to the supplies they need. As you may know, many state Medicaid programs fail to provide adequate extended wear ostomy products, which in many instances is well below even the Medicare standards. Thanks to the advocacy of WOCN members and others, five states have recently expanded their monthly allotment of products, but we have more work to do. There are an additional nine states that still have inadequate monthly limits on ostomy supplies and we need your help.


To date, WOCN & industry partners have successfully advocated for the following changes to state Medicaid programs:
Rhode Island

Expanded access from 1/month to 40/month for 1-piece drainable flat / convex pouches with filter

New Jersey

Expanded access from 1/month to 15/month for 1-piece drainable convex pouches without filter and ALL 2-piece barriers


Now covers 1-piece flat drainable pouches with filter


Now covers 1-piece drainable (flat/convex) pouches with filter (10/month)


Now covers 1-piece drainable (flat/convex) pouches with filter


In addition, the Society is planning a proactive grassroots engagement plan with a select number of states and will be working on projects in those states to expand access to supplies. Next step will be to identify five to seven states and work with the regional and affiliate groups in those states to engage WOCN members directly in this process.


Click the button below to view the infographic which lists both the states who have recently increased their limits and those that still haven’t. For those regions and affiliates in Rhode Island, New Jersey, Kentucky, Mississippi, and Florida please note the new changes in coverage in the below document, this will enable you to better treat your patients. If you live or represent one of the nine states that have not yet increased their allotments, please contact WOCN to find out how you can get involved.


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