Get ready to rock and roll because it’s time to celebrate the true rock stars of healthcare – WOC nurses! As we gear up for WOC Nurse Week 2024, April 14-20, the WOCN Society is ready to shine the spotlight on each and every one of our members who consistently deliver stellar care, compassion, and expertise to patients in need.

Just like the legendary performers who grace the stage with their talent and passion, you bring your own brand of magic to the healthcare arena. Your dedication to excellence, your unwavering commitment to your patients, and your ability to navigate complex challenges with grace and skill make you the ✨ WOC stars ✨ of the medical world.

Throughout the year, WOC nurses take center stage, delivering outstanding performances as advocates, caregivers, educators, experts, heroes, leaders, researchers, and so much more. Your expertise shines bright as you empower patients to overcome obstacles, find their rhythm, and reclaim their independence. Like a rock anthem that resonates in the hearts of millions, your impact reverberates far beyond the walls of any healthcare facility, touching lives and inspiring hope wherever you go.


WOC Nurse Week is your opportunity to celebrate your incredible achievements and honor the remarkable contributions you make to the lives of those you serve. Don’t forget to celebrate during this special week by:

  • Proudly displaying your WOC Nurse Week poster
  • Recognizing and celebrating with other WOC nurse colleagues
  • Entering the online photo contest for a chance to win one free year of membership
  • Tuning into a special WOC Nurse Week movie matinee to earn 0.75 free Contact Hours
  • Celebrating your personal and professional achievements


Download the Poster to hang in your office or faculty breakroom or use it as a flyer to place in everyone’s mailboxes.




Download a Letterhead Template to communicate with internal and external audiences.





Download the digital toolkit to access a Thank You card, a Certificate of Appreciation, Ads and Logos, Sample Social Media posts, Ways you can celebrate, and a Word Search!



Virtual Meeting Backgrounds


Download these virtual meeting backgrounds to promote WOC Nurse Week all week long.


WOC-Nurse-Week-2024-Zoom-Background-1.      WOC-Nurse-Week-2024-Zoom-Background-2

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Photo Contest


Between April 14-20, post pictures of you celebrating on social media with the hashtag #WOCNurseWeek2024 and you could score a free one-year membership to the WOCN Society.

free webinar WITH 0.75 Contact Hours

This webinar is free for WOCN Society members and non-members.

WOC Nurse Week Webinar

“The Ripe Date” is the story of a creative woman, in her sixties, who is persuaded by her daughter to attempt online dating, while actively engaging in her career as an artist and art teacher. Her reluctance to meeting potential partners stems from her desire to focus on meaningful experiences, as well as her hidden health issues, which include having an ostomy. The bladder and ostomy are featured in her gallery show “Le Homage a la Vessie”, a show which centers around the human body: the physical and emotional response to change and loss, at the intersection of art, identity and illness.


ON-Demand Recording Coming Soon!

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