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WTA Your Way: Wound Care Education for All Healthcare Providers

Wound care education is not exclusive to wound, ostomy, and continence (WOC) nurses, and having a basic knowledge of skin and wound management is essential for all healthcare providers treating patients. Today, millions of Americans are affected by chronic wounds, and that number is only growing due to the aging U.S. population and increasing prevalence of obesity and diabetes, which have links to wounds, skin integrity, and continence.1

The greater healthcare community is responsible for being knowledgeable about fundamental best practices and standards of care for managing wounds. However, access to evidence-based wound care education has been limited. That’s why the WOCN® Society developed WTA Your Way, online continuing education courses to help all healthcare providers enhance their wound care knowledge.

Self-Paced Wound Care Education for Everyone

WTA Your Way offers 14 evidence-based wound care courses developed by internationally recognized leaders and educators in wound management and prevention practices. As an alternative to the WOCN® Society’s traditional Wound Treatment Associate (WTA®) Program, WTA Your Way provides all healthcare providers with an opportunity to learn fundamental best practices and standards of care for complex and non-responsive wounds.

The courses are self-paced and can be purchased à la carte or as a complete, bundled package. Each course provides unlimited and on-demand access to videos, slides, and handouts. These courses are not only a cost-effective way for healthcare providers to enhance their wound care knowledge but also a convenient training tool for WOC nurses who wish to educate their peers.

How to Choose? WTA Your Way or WTA® Program

WTA Your Way and the WTA® Program are both wound care education programs developed and offered by the WOCN® Society, the largest and most recognized professional nursing community dedicated to advancing the practice and delivery of expert healthcare for individuals with WOC care needs.

However, the programs offer distinct features and benefits that may make one route better for you or your staff’s needs. For starters, WTA Your Way lets learners design their own wound care education journey with self-paced modules, while the WTA® Program offers comprehensive wound care education with a course coordinator. Find out which wound care education option is right for you in this breakdown.

WTA Your Way

  • Customized program
  • Self-paced wound care education
  • Designed for all healthcare providers
  • 14 individual courses to choose from
  • On-demand, online access
  • Up to 14.75 Contact Hours

WTA® Program

  • Traditional program
  • Comprehensive wound care education
  • Provides a pathway for WTA-C Certification
  • 14 courses and hands-on competency training and testing
  • Directed by a WOCN®-approved course coordinator
  • 32.25 Contact Hours

Enhance Your Wound Care Knowledge Today

Are you ready to further your wound care knowledge with evidence-based education? Our goal is to make wound care education convenient and accessible to all healthcare providers as we work together to advance care and outcomes for today’s current and future patient population. With two evidence-based programs to choose from, you can start growing and expanding your wound care knowledge today. Learn more about WTA Your Way or the WTA® Program. For questions about either program, contact us.

1 Wound Care by the Numbers, Becker’s Hospital Review